A Month of Transformation at Lauder Station.

  • Friday Oct 20 2023

Over the past four weeks, the Otago Central Rail Trail Trust has embarked on a significant upgrade project at the Lauder Station site. This consisted of two key components: a repaint of the station building and the relocation of a railway wagon from Hyde to Lauder.

Lauder Railway Station Revitalization

In partnership with the Department of Conservation (DOC) and the Lauder community, the Rail Trail Trust breathed new life into Lauder Station with a fresh coat of paint.

Dave Murphy, Otago Central Rail Trail Trust Volunteer paints the Lauder Railway Station Building. Image: Clare Toia-Bailey

Dave Murphy, Otago Central Rail Trail Trust Volunteer, inspects the Lauder Station . Image Clare Toia-Bailey

Dave Murphy, Otago Central Rail Trail Trust Volunteer.  Image:  Clare Toia-Bailey

In a few weeks the repaint was completed with including site preparation, the installation of scaffolding, thorough surface preparation, and a few coats of paint. Trust Manager Tania Murphy noted, "We were fortunate to secure paint from DOC, thanks to their partnership with DULUX. Additionally, we enlisted the assistance of Bob Thomas and Dave Murphy, who volunteered their time for the Trust, residing on-site in their mobile homes to minimise costs. Their partners also contributed, speeding up the the projects completion.”

One local, Pam Harrex delivered homemade treats for the workers!

Lauder Railway Station: The Wagon Relocation

Just last Tuesday, Trustee Ken Gillespie arranged the installation of sleepers at the Lauder site. The Trust also arranged the relocation of a railway wagon from Hyde Railway Station to Lauder. The flat deck wagon, was once a workhorse on the Otago Central Railway,  was carefully manoeuvred on to a trailer and positioned on site at Lauder.


Wagon relocation from Hyde to Lauder require careful manoeuring.  Image: supplied.

A Glimpse into the Lauder Station History

The Lauder community,  successfully raised funds to transport and restore the Station Building to its original site. A few years ago, the community generously donated the building to the Trust, which has since taken on its maintenance and preservation, while preserving its community essence. More recently, the Trust and the Lauder community collaborated with Anthony and Alison Breese of Museograph to present interpretive displays, bringing to life the rich historical stories and images that define the Lauder section of the trail.

Trust Manager Taina Murphy expressed her satisfaction, stating, "It's truly fulfilling to contribute to the preservation of these historic trail buildings, ensuring a delightful experience for both locals and visitors."

More about the Lauder Station relocation back to the site see the rail tales website.