Trail Conditions

What to expect along the Trail

Central Otago is a landlocked region, sheltered from coastal weather with very distinct seasons. Winters are often dry and fine, but frosts are common at night. Roads can get icy, especially in early morning, so be careful when driving. Rainfall is infrequent, although the Strath Taieri valley which is closer to the coast can get more rain.  

Spring weather is the most changeable. Summers, also autumns, are generally warm and dry - but weather can still be variable. New Zealand, is an island nation so it is a good idea to be prepared with some emergency clothing. Warm air rising from the sun-heated plains, to be replaced by dense cooler mountain air, can result in strong winds. 

Notifiable conditions.



TRANSPOWER - Clutha Upper Waitaki Lines Project

Transpower are currently working on their existing transmission line pylons which make up the National Grid. This project is a big part of Transpower’s support to transform New Zealand to a low carbon economy.

Work is now underway between Roxburgh and Livingstone. We started work on the project back in February last year, and expect to be completed in May 2022.


Transpower’s spring 2021 wiring programme begins shortly on the transmission line corridor from Galloway to Earnscleugh, with a crew of about 40 based in Alexandra. Works begin in early October, and are expected to be completed in about six weeks, dependant on constraints such as weather and any further lockdowns.

Part of the transmission line through this area is publicly accessible.  The transmission line is overhead at two points of the Otago Central Rail Trail – Galloway Road, and Dunstan Road (adjacent to The Pines).  

Users of the Trail will see is heavy trucks and equipment, materials, hurdles, signage, and Transpower crews and their vehicles.

To ensure the health and safety of the general public and our crews, walk-through containers will be installed at two crossing points of the Rail Trail (at Galloway and Dunstan Roads). Cyclists will be asked to dismount their bicycles to go through the containers.

Traffic management and signage will be in place to minimise the impact for cyclists and other users of the trail.  Trail users will be able to recognise our workers as our vehicles carry the Transpower logo.

Trail Users are asked to beware of work overhead on the transmission line, follow any instructions of the work crews and be prepared to stop on request for a brief period of time as you move through our work  area. 






  • Sun 21.15 °C
  • Mon 25.63 °C
  • Tue 23.53 °C
  • Wed 22.24 °C
  • Thu 21.99 °C
  • Fri 18.31 °C
  • Sat 23.84 °C


  • Sun 20.65 °C
  • Mon 24.57 °C
  • Tue 20.75 °C
  • Wed 13.46 °C
  • Thu 20.29 °C
  • Fri 19.31 °C
  • Sat 21.9 °C


  • Sun 20.05 °C
  • Mon 24.27 °C
  • Tue 23.07 °C
  • Wed 21.16 °C
  • Thu 21.47 °C
  • Fri 18.29 °C
  • Sat 22.98 °C


  • Sun 18.79 °C
  • Mon 22.67 °C
  • Tue 21.74 °C
  • Wed 18.4 °C
  • Thu 21.37 °C
  • Fri 17.46 °C
  • Sat 22.08 °C


  • Sun 19.25 °C
  • Mon 22.96 °C
  • Tue 20.52 °C
  • Wed 16.3 °C
  • Thu 20.53 °C
  • Fri 17.44 °C
  • Sat 21.76 °C