Accessible Ride Guide

Most of the Otago Central Rail Trail Is Accessible to Everyone.

Clyde to Daisybank

Clyde to Daisybank is a good portion of the trail with lots of interesting rail heritage and amazing landscapes.

The bridges from Clyde through to Daisybank are over 1.5m wide. The chicanes are in Young Lane, Alexandra and White Road in this section that are less than 1.5m wide. 

The Department of Conservation in Alexandra will be able to provide actual measurements.  



Lauder Creek has a gate that goes partly across the bridge but you may be able to get a key for this from DOC and once again they will know what the gap is that allows access.

The gate at White Rd, Omakau is also locked and the DOC key will get you through this as well.


Daisybank to Middlemarch 

From Daisy bank to Hyde there are 2 bridges that are likley to be problematic - Capburn & Prices Creek.  

From Hyde to Middlemarch All bridges are over 1.5 metres wide.