Popular Itineraries

Plan and organise your trip independently. Which way to go? Where to start/stop/stay? How long will it take you? You can cycle the whole trail – or a part of the Trail. Decide what you would like to see and do, and the distances you want to travel.

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Five Days or More

A 5-Day plus trip allows you time to meet the locals and explore the interesting and historical places in this part of Central Otago.

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Four Day Trips

A 4-day trip allows you to travel at a more relaxed pace.

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Three Day Trips

Most people who bike the whole length of the 152 km Trail allow themselves at least 3 days. Plan for 4.5 - 5 hours of cycling each day.


Two Day Trips

Experienced cyclists who are more used to extreme gut-busting mountain bike tracks can still enjoy the gentler terrain of the Rail Trail.

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One Day Trips

Even one day is enough to get a taste of the Rail Trail and experience some of the more spectacular sections.

Poolburn Gorge 474.Tim Hawkins

Half Day Trips

Arrange your own transport to these popular sections – or most Trail operators can hire you a cycle and drop you off / pick you up.