Historic Sites

The region prospered on the basis of Central Otago gold in the 19th century, and today there still remain many fine old buildings that are a legacy of those times.

Easily Accessible From The Trail

632.Tim Hawkins

Ophir Bridge

Constructed between 1879 and 1880, this attractive structure is a characteristic example of Central Otago suspension bridges with schist masonry towers.

386.James Jubb

Hayes Engineering

Hayes Engineering Works & Homestead is the former home and engineering works of the gifted inventor Earnest Hayes and his family.

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Golden Progress Mine

The Golden Progress mine was worked by three lignite-fired boilers, two for the Poppet Head to drive the winding gear and one to drive the battery further down the g…

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Ophir Post Office

Ophir's wealth can be measured in heritage buildings – especially the Ophir Post and Telegraph Office, which is the longest running Post Office in the country.

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Gilchrists Store

The oldest continuously trading store in New Zealand – you can buy goods here, but it is also like a “living museum”.

Manorburn Dam v3

Lower Manorburn Dam

The Lower Manorburn dam is one of the most commonly frozen pieces of ice in New Zealand.

If You Have A Little More Time

Buster Diggings1 A.Ware

Buster Diggings

Located within Oteake Conservation Park, Buster Diggings is a spectacular sculptural landform created by alluvial gold mining and was once New Zealand’s highest alti…

Mitchells Cottage

Mitchells Cottage

A tangible link with goldmining - Mitchells Cottage is one of the best surviving examples of the stonemason's craft in New Zealand.

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Hamiltons was named after the pastoral station owner, who controlled the land at the time of the gold discovery in 1863.