Tips for Adventuring with your family on the Otago Central Rail Trail

Check out our tips for travelling with your whānau (family) to help ensure you have a Great Ride!

Some tips for planning your whānau (family) holiday adventure on the Otago Central Rail Trail:

The trail is 152km long, a multi-day trail. 

  • Based on the ages of your children and their abilities how many days do you want to travel or have?
  • You’ll need to decide do you want to carry your luggage or have it transferred?
  • Do you want to ride stand-alone or bike? 
  • How should your children ride - seat, trailer, tandem, kids bike/e-bike?
  • If you’re travelling with young children that still need their naps - try to travel before their naps or if they are so young the could nap on the way (in the trailer or bike seat)
  • Include lots of breaks - there are plenty of places along the trail to stop and see interesting things, and there are towns along the trail approximately every 40 km most with playgrounds, public toilets and eateries.
  • In summer there are swimming holes along the way, easy access points from the trail and public pools in Alexandra & Ophir
  • You may wish to plan your trip around the ride gradient - a popular route is from Oturehua to Clyde
  • Don’t forget to pack for all weather all year round - lots of layers
  • Always carry plenty of water
  • In summer the trail can get dusty - use a scarf especially  if the kids are low to the ground on a trailer


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