Golden Progress Mine

The Golden Progress mine was worked by three lignite-fired boilers, two for the Poppet Head to drive the winding gear and one to drive the battery further down the gully.

Located up Reefs Road, 2 km East of Oturehua on Rough Ridge, are the remnants of the Golden Progress quartz mine. These workings are notable as they still retain an intact poppet head, the only surviving one in the Otago goldfields.  With 182″ and 165″ shafts going off the drive, it was a massive undertaking, employing at one time 25 miners working shifts. 

The 14-metre high poppet head structure sits over a mine shaft 46 metres deep. It supports wheels, which once ran steel ropes that hoisted gold-bearing ore to the surface. The metal cage sitting beneath it was used to move people, equipment and ore up and down the shaft. 

As you walk along the track to the poppet head you will also see tailings, a small stone hut and a dam. 

This site is on private property and is closed during September and October for lambing.