Need To Know

Before you leap onto your bike or take that first step along the Trail - Check out what you NEED TO KNOW!

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Trail Etiquette

Some Tips for a wonderful Rail Trail experience…

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Trail Conditions

What to expect along the Trail

Central Otago is a landlocked region, sheltered from coastal weather with very distinct seasons. Winters are often dry and fine, but …

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Characteristics / Climate

The compacted gravel pathway is easy to cycle or walk on – as it was made for a train, there are no really steep hills and it is wide enough for cyclists to pass eac…

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Distance and Time

The 152 km Trail runs in an arc through the valleys between Middlemarch and Clyde; you can traverse it in either direction, or just do part of the Trail.

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Kilometre Markers

Originally mile markers measured the distance along the railway line. In later years kilometre markers were introduced, although some mile markers still remain toda…

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Emergency Information

In the event of an Emergency - Dial 111For Non-Urgent Medical Services - 

Alexandra  - Health Central, phone 03 440 0295, Alexandra Family Health, phone 03 901 6277…