Maria Grace's family itinerary along the Otago Central Rail Trail with small children

Maria Grace was a guest writer for The Spin Off she spent 5 days on the trail with her small children and here is there itinerary from the article "We cycled the Otago Rail Trail with small kids, and it was a near-perfect trip"

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Arrive in Oturehua by car. Stay at Crow’s Nest Backpackers, which has a large bunkroom upstairs and good kitchen downstairs. Continental breakfast provided.


Cycle from Oturehua to Lauder (24km). There are two long tunnels in the second half (bring headtorches!). There are no towns on this stretch so bring all food you may need during the day. Afternoon tea at Stationside Cafe, and overnight accommodation at Muddy Creek Cutting, an old mudbrick house on the outskirts of Lauder. Continental breakfast provided.


Cycle from Lauder to Omakau (7km). Lunch at Omakau Commercial Hotel backyard, and a sidetrip to Ophir if weather is good. Accommodation at Omakau Commercial, an old creaky building you’ll either love or hate for its historic quirkiness. We loved it. Continental breakfast provided.


Cycle from Omakau to Alexandra (30km). Lunch at Chatto Creek, a wonderful place to relax and for kids to play. Accommodation at Mirabell Chalets which has standalone cabins at a family orchard on the outskirts of Alexandra. There’s an in-ground swimming pool, and a washing machine for dirty laundry.