An Interplanetary Ride

Explore a one hundred million to one accurate scale model of our Solar System. Explore the vastness of our Solar System as you journey through time and space!

Download our Interplanetary Cycle Brochure/Map

Experience an innovative way to explore our solar system while on the trail!  The Solar System has been shrunk by a factor of one hundred million to one.   Models that accurately reflects the size of the Sun, planets and our Moon, and the distances between them have been placed along the Trail.

The centre of our Solar System, the Sun, is located in Ranfurly and each planet’s location is based on its average orbital (direct) distance from the Sun. 

Contemplate the immensity of space - in relative terms each step you take is the same as travelling 75,000 km through the Solar System and each revolution of your bike wheel will propel you over 200,000 km.

If we slow the speed of light (300,000,000 m/s) by a factor of one hundred million it becomes a leisurely 10.8 km/hr... so you may find yourself time-travelling into the future as you cycle along!