New Trustee: Peter Mulvihill

  • Thursday Oct 12 2023

The Otago Central Rail Trail Trust is delighted to announce the addition of a passionate and experienced new Trustee, Peter Mulvihill, to its team. Peter started as a volunteer Trustee in July and he brings a wealth of knowledge, a deep connection to Central Otago, and an appreciation for the Rail Trail's historical significance.

A Lifelong Local
Peter Mulvihill proudly calls Alexandra home, where he has lived for the past 34 years. His connection to this beautiful region has provided a solid foundation for his commitment to preserving its heritage and enhancing its offerings.

A Remarkable Career in Engineering
Most of Peter Mulvihill & career has been devoted to the field of civil engineering, particularly in water infrastructure and energy. His journey began on the West Coast with the Catchment Board, followed by valuable experience at the Ministry of Works and State Coal Mines. This path eventually led him to the Otago Central Electric Power Board in 1988, where he made significant contributions to the energy sector. Even after retirement in 2020, he continues to work part-timein the water and energy industry, demonstrating his unwavering passion for his field.

A Family-Centered Individual
Peter Mulvihill is a dedicated family person, married to Lois, with three adult children. His sense of community and family values make him a perfect fit for the Otago Central Rail Trail Trust's mission.

An Avid Rail Trail Enthusiast
Having explored the Rail Trail's various sections, Peter Mulvihill shares his love for this iconic trail. He has ridden every part of it, albeit not all at once. Frequent rides around Alexandra and the stretch from Auripo to Lauder are regular highlights of his Rail Trail adventures.

Cycling Enthusiast
While Peter Mulvihill currently rides an ordinary bike, he recognizes the appeal of e-bikes. The prospect of acquiring one to explore the Rail Trail, even in adverse weather, is on his horizon. E-bikes, in his view, are an excellent way to encourage people to embrace cycling and stay active.

A Dedication to Heritage Preservation
One of the driving forces behind Peter Mulvihill's decision to volunteer as a Trustee is his enduring interest in engineering heritage. He admires the innovation and resourcefulness of those who shaped the Rail Trail's development in an era of limited resources. Previously involved in sports-related volunteering, Peter Mulvihill is excited about contributing to the future growth and success of the Otago Central Rail Trail, NZ’s original Great Ride.

Trust Chair, Kate Wilson, commented about Peter Mulvihill joining the team: "We are thrilled to have Peter on board and look forward to his valuable input into the future of the Otago Central Rail Trail. His passion for our region and engineering heritage is welcomed!"

Top Tip for Future Rail Trail Cyclists
Peter offers a valuable piece of advice for those considering a ride on the Rail Trail: Make sure you do some training to harden your body. Your backside will give up before your legs do practical tip that seasoned cyclists and beginners can appreciate, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable journey.

We welcome Peter Mulvihill to the Otago Central Rail Trail Trust and look forward to his contributions as we continue to work to enhance and market the trail.