Railway Heritage

As the Railway served a large country district there were many stops along the route, but now few original stations and buildings remain. 

With the decline and closure of the Railway, many buildings were disposed of before their historical value was realised.

  • Line of One Hundred Bridges

    Line of One Hundred Bridges

    The Otago Central Railway may have been closed in 1990, the track dism...Read More

  • Ganger Sheds

    Ganger Sheds

    Line Gang Shed - the small red sheds found along the Rail Trail used b...Read More

  • Trail Tunnels

    Trail Tunnels

    The stone work on structures along the Trail is one of the outstanding...Read More

  • Wedderburn Goods Shed

    Wedderburn Goods Shed

    The green, empty railway goods shed at Wedderburn has often been captu...Read More

  • Wedderburn Station

    Wedderburn Station

    The original Wedderburn Station, built in 1900, has been recovered and...Read More

  • Clyde Railhead

    Clyde Railhead

    The new Clyde railhead opened in 1980 for the construction of the Clyd...Read More

  • Lauder Station

    Lauder Station

    The first sod was cut with a solid silver spade at the site of Lauder ...Read More

  • Clyde Station

    Clyde Station

    The Old Clyde Station sits in the heart of Clyde.  Built in 1907, it i...Read More

  • Hyde Railway Memorial

    Hyde Railway Memorial

    Past the Hyde Station is ‘Straw Cutting’ the site of the fatal Hyde ra...Read More

  • Ranfurly Station

    Ranfurly Station

    Ranfurly Station, built in 1898, was the line's main crew and engine c...Read More

  • Omakau Station

    Omakau Station

    Construction brought the railway to Omakau in 1904.  Prior to that the...Read More

  • Waipiata Station

    Waipiata Station

    Opposite 'Waipiata Man' - a work of imagination and railway iron - is ...Read More

  • Galloway Station

    Galloway Station

    Apart from the ladies' waiting room there is nothing to show that Gall...Read More

  • Middlemarch Station

    Middlemarch Station

    The Middlemarch Station is an important example of a medium-sized rura...Read More

  • Hyde Station

    Hyde Station

    Hyde Station, built in 1894, is located almost 2km from Hyde Township....Read More