Historic Sites

The history of Central Otago is there for all to see – get out there and explore this unique world, delve into remote goldfields, or just enjoy the historic treasures along the Trail.

Wherever you look there are reminders of the past.

  • Ophir Post Office

    Ophir Post Office

    Ophir, now a quiet, one-street country township, was once the biggest ...Read More

  • Gilchrists Store

    Gilchrists Store

    Even if you are not into shopping you should visit Gilchrists Store in...Read More

  • Hayes Engineering Works & Homestead

    Hayes Engineering Works & Homestead

    Hayes Engineering Works & Homestead is the former home and engineering...Read More

  • Matakanui


    Matakanui sits at the foot of the Dunstan Mountains.  Once a bustling ...Read More

  • Hamiltons Cemetery

    Hamiltons Cemetery

    Approximately 20 minutes drive from Ranfurly and 10km from Waipiata, H...Read More

  • Ophir Bridge

    Ophir Bridge

    Crossing the Manuherikia River west of Ophir, the Daniel O’Connell Bri...Read More

  • Come In Time Stamper Battery

    Come In Time Stamper Battery

    Description This walk takes you down to mine entrances and the batter...Read More

  • Golden Progress Mine

    Golden Progress Mine

    Located up Reefs Road, 2 km East of Oturehua on Rough Ridge, are the r...Read More

  • Styx Hotel and Jail

    Styx Hotel and Jail

    The historic Styx Hotel and Jail is located at the foot of the Dunstan...Read More

  • Blackstone Cemetery

    Blackstone Cemetery

    Blackstone, also known as Hills Creek, is the site of the early gold r...Read More

  • Buster Diggings

    Buster Diggings

    Located within Oteake Conservation Park, Buster Diggings is a spectacu...Read More

  • Mitchells Cottage

    Mitchells Cottage

    A tangible link with goldmining - Mitchells Cottage is one of the best...Read More

  • Clutha River Cruises & Roxburgh Gorge Jet

    Clutha River Cruises & Roxburgh Gorge Jet

    Start or finish your Rail Trail experience with a Clutha River Cruises...Read More

  • Drybread Cemetery

    Drybread Cemetery

    Drybread Cemetery is all that remains of the gold mining settlement th...Read More

  • Chatto Creek Dredge

    Chatto Creek Dredge

    The dredge extracted a rich seam of gold from the Manuherikia River 11...Read More