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What to expect out there

Central Otago is a landlocked region, sheltered from coastal weather with very distinct seasons. Winters are often dry and fine, but frosts are common at night. Roads can get icy, especially in early morning, so be careful when driving. Rainfall is infrequent, (although the Strath Taieri valley which is closer to the coast can get more rain) - but the Trail itself is flood-free. Spring weather is the most changeable. Summers, also autumns, are generally warm and dry - but weather can still be variable (this is New Zealand, an island nation), so it is a good idea to be prepared, with some emergency clothing. Warm air rising from the sun-heated plains, to be replaced by dense cooler mountain air, can result in strong winds - but they can come from all over the place. The weather forecast displayed here should give you an idea....


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COVID 19 - Trail Update

Posted By: Tania Murphy, 21/03/2020 3:00pm

In light of the recent Government announcement that advises against any non-essential travel within New Zealand, Tour Operators along the Otago Central Rail Trail are currently reassessing their ability to provide services along the Trail. 

The Otago Central Rail Trail remains open if you live locally, or you are self-contained and can ride independent of service providers. However if you need to use airplanes or buses we suggest you reconsider your bookings now. There is real uncertainty as to whether cafes and providers will be able to be open and to give you an experience that is memorable. 

The Trail remains a good way for local communities to get some fresh air in these interesting times.