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Four Day Trips

A 4-day trip allows you to travel at a more relaxed pace, and to spend more time exploring places along the Trail – check out  "Things to see and do”.  With shorter (4 - 4.5 hours cycling per day) and more evenly-spaced sections to cover, you will have more options of places to stay at night.

"My wife and I spent 4 wonderful days on this trail. Clyde to Middlemarch. This was a truly great experience. 
The trail is well thought out with great pit stops along the trail. I can't thank off the rails enough for the info provided & the great hospitality. The info provided was second to none."

Martin Ferguson via Facebook 4 March 2018

Use the following distance chart to plan your daily journey:
* Clyde Railhead to Alexandra (8 km)
* Alexandra to Chatto Creek (17 km)
* Chatto Creek to Omakau (12 km)
* Omakau to Lauder (7 km)
* Lauder to Auripo to Oturehua (22.5 km)
* Oturehua to Wedderburn (12 km)
* Wedderburn to Ranfurly (13.5 km)
* Ranfurly to Waipiata (8 km)
* Waipiata to Kokonga (10 km)
* Kokonga to Hyde (14.5 km)
* Hyde to Middlemarch (27.5 km)

Suggested 4-Day itinerary starting at Clyde:
Day 1 – Clyde to Omakau, or Lauder – or stay off the Trail at Ophir
Day 2 – Cycle to Wedderburn, or Ranfurly – or stay off-Trail at Naseby
Day 3 – Cycle to Kokonga, or Hyde
Day 4 – Cycle to Middlemarch

Suggested 4-Day itinerary starting at Middlemarch:
Day 1 – Middlemarch to Hyde, or Kokonga
Day 2 – Cycle to Ranfurly, or Wedderburn, or stay off-Trail at Naseby
Day 3 – Cycle to Lauder, or Omakau, or stay off-Trail at Ophir
Day 4 – Cycle to Clyde