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  • Lauder Station

    Lauder Station

    The first sod was cut with a solid silver spade at the site of Lauder ...Read More

  • NIWA


    NIWA - Atmospheric Research Station in Lauder                      ...Read More

  • Big Sky Cottage (self-contained)

    Big Sky Cottage (self-contained)

    Gorgeous, character deco-style mud brick house right in Lauder village...Read More

  • Lauder School B & B

    Lauder School B & B

    Lauder School Bed and Breakfast is just 200m off the Otago Central Rai...Read More

  • Lauder Store Accommodation

    Lauder Store Accommodation

    On the Otago Central Rail Trail Character accommodation B &  Comfor...Read More

  • Lauderburn House

    Lauderburn House

    Lauderburn House Bed and Breakfast, a gorgeous character 1920's homest...Read More

  • Muddy Creek Cutting B & B

    Muddy Creek Cutting B & B

    Unique and charming, this dinner/B&B experience , you will remember. 1...Read More

  • Lauder Hotel

    Lauder Hotel

    Located right on the Otago Central Rail Trail, the Lauder Hotel is the...Read More

  • Stationside Café

    Stationside Café

    With its quaint cottage design, Stationside Cafe at Lauder makes a wel...Read More

You may not have heard of Lauder – but atmospheric scientists around the world know all about it. The clear, blue skies and pure, clean, dry air encouraged NIWA to base their climate research institute here.

 Part of a global network, the NIWA site (National Institute of Weather and Atmospheric Research) has been called the most important place in the southern hemisphere for atmospheric research. You can see the spherical white domes from the trail, or arrange for a group visit while you are here. No light pollution at night makes it a great place to star gaze as well.

The small country community is also innovative and ready to deal with change. The Lauder Hotel was turned around to face the road traffic when the number of rail passengers dropped off. Now the former school and store have been transformed into B&Bs with a difference – and a new café is right beside the trail.

This is also a good base for exploring the Manuherikia Valley and St Bathans area – and the next lap of the trail (heading east) will take day-trippers to the Poolburn Gorge.