Trail Places

You will pass through most of these places along the Trail -  but it is worthwhile travelling off the Trail to see some other special places while you are in the area.

  • Alexandra


    Fondly known as “Alex,” this is the biggest town on the trail and your...Read More

  • Auripo / Thurlow Road

    Auripo / Thurlow Road

    The old station site of Auripo is an ideal drop-off point for anyone w...Read More

  • Becks


    Becks is a small country community on S/H 85 north from Lauder, with a...Read More

  • Cambrians


    The “Village of Trees” – a quiet picturesque little valley at the foot...Read More

  • Chatto Creek

    Chatto Creek

    One of the best things about exercise is stopping – especially when yo...Read More

  • Clyde


    The perfect start (or finale) to your cycle trip. Clyde, like many tow...Read More

  • Daisybank


    This is one of the most popular and scenic short trips or walks on the...Read More

  • Danseys Pass

    Danseys Pass

    Danseys Pass is an alpine pass across the Kakanui ranges, linking Cent...Read More

  • Dunedin


    Dunedin, a Trail Partner of the Otago Central Rail Trail, is a beautif...Read More

  • Galloway


    Sit in the Ladies Waiting Room (all that’s left of a busy station) and...Read More

  • Hyde


    This is a popular stop-off, either overnight or just for refreshments,...Read More

  • Ida Valley

    Ida Valley

    This was a former Railway stop in the middle of a long straight betwee...Read More

  • Kokonga


    From volcano to vanished lake, now farmland and a peaceful riverside t...Read More

  • Lauder


    You may not have heard of Lauder – but atmospheric scientists around t...Read More

  • Matakanui


    At the foot of the Dunstan Ranges, in the peaceful, quiet Manuherikia ...Read More

  • Middlemarch


    It may look like any little New Zealand country town, but this is a pl...Read More

  • Moa Creek

    Moa Creek

    Once busy with gold miners and travellers on the Dunstan Trail, Moa Cr...Read More

  • Naseby


    An old gold mining town in the middle of the Naseby Forest, Naseby is ...Read More

  • Ngapuna


    Originally only a small wayside station, (built to keep the sun off th...Read More

  • Omakau


    If you have just conquered the sweeping S-bends up Tiger Hill, you can...Read More

  • Ophir


    You can get very hot in Ophir, and very, very cold in winter (one of N...Read More

  • Oturehua


    Oturehua has a café and a great old country pub – lots of communities ...Read More

  • Paerau


    Early travellers on the Dunstan Trail would spend their second night a...Read More

  • Patearoa


    A small country village on the south edge of the Maniototo basin, Pate...Read More