COVID-90 Trail Status Update

STATUS UPDATE: 25th March 2020

NZ Government has elevated the COVID-19 Alert Level to Level 4 – Eliminate. Alert Level 4 means we must severely limit travel, with driving only permitted for essential travel such as getting food or medicine from your local area. The best way to reduce the risk of exposure to yourself and others is to stay at home. However, we do realise that people will want to get out and exercise.

If you do go out, please limit yourself to short walks or rides in nearby parks and on locals trails, following the government’s recommended hygiene guidelines

Here are some tips to help you protect yourself and others:

1. Consider whether you need to leave your property at all. Can you exercise at home?

2. Don’t ride trails if you have symptoms (e.g. fever, coughing, shortness of breath etc). Please stay at home!

3. Please only venture onto our Great Rides if you live adjacent to or very close to one. Remember driving in your car is for essential travel only, which doesn't include transporting you and your bike to a trail.

4. Ride alone or only with the people you are self-isolating with. If you’re riding alone tell someone what your plans are.

5. If you’re riding with your self-isolating group, make sure everyone knows the recommended hygiene guidelines before they set off.

6. Keep at least 2m away from other trail users. When approaching other people slow down so that it’s easier to maintain this separation. Avoid narrow tracks where maintaining this separation may be difficult.

7. Where possible, avoid touching any surfaces that could be contaminated such as gates, squeeze bars, handrails, fences, benches and picnic tables. The virus can remain on surfaces for three days.

8. Try to avoid using public toilets; many will be closed anyway. Go before you ride. Carry your own toilet paper and sanitiser in case using the toilets is unavoidable.

9. Don’t touch your face while you’re riding. Wash your hands and disinfect your handlebars when you get home.

10. Make smart and conservative choices about the rides you choose to do and how you ride them. Our hospitals and emergency services are already overburdened – unnecessary accidents will make things harder.

Be calm, be kind. Be responsible and show the community you care. Kia kaha (stand strong) – united we can hep stop the spread of Covid-19 and get back to riding all of our beautiful trails.  For the full guidelines see the NZCT website:

For official COVID-19 information see the Official Website:



STATUS UPDATE: 23rd March 2020

This afternoon the NZ Prime Minister and Government has upgraded the COVID-19 to Alert Level 3: Restrict. This means we no longer suggest people should be doing non-essential travel. Those adjoining the trail can use it for physical fitness but we encourage people to do all that they can to reduce community transmission of the virus. Please note: only essential services along the trail will be open; therefore non-essential services such as cafes, restaurants and accommodation providers will be closed.

Effective this Wednesday, 25th March 2020 the NZ Government is elevating the COVID-19 Alert Level to Level 4 – Eliminate. This means a number of things including the requirement to stay at home unless accessing essential services.

For more details see the official COVID-19 website:

Keep safe.

Ngā mihi

Kate Wilson
Trust Chair

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21 March 2020 16:00 PM



If you are on the trail, or planning a trip to the trail in the next 6 weeks please get in touch with your Tour Planner. If you are travelling independently and intend to visit please note the NZ Governments current direction to avoid all non-essential domestic travel. That means that if you are not a resident regionally then you probably should be reconsidering your plans. If you are on the trail then you may wish to contact our Trail Operators for assistance:

Tour Planners:

Transport Operators


The 152km trail is open, and in the absence of organised sport provides a great opportunity for you to enjoy. While we encourage you to support your local businesses please make sure you have plans should support services not be available. Cafes and pubs will have to make decisions daily about whether they can stay open so be prepared to carry extra food just in case you have to ride on for supplies. Please adhere to the recommended hygiene guidelines to unite against COVID-19 Ensure you BYO loo paper and sanitiser as normal as they are not provided in DOC toilets.


Many thanks for your understanding, we are in this together.


Nga mihi nui


Kate Wilson

Trust Chair