A range of accommodation types are available along and close to the Trail. From budget accommodation and holiday parks to luxury lodges and cottages or something in between.

How long does it take?

The Trail is 152km long. How far you travel in one day will depend on your level of fitness. When cycling the average speed for most of us is 10km per hour, many people allow 3 - 5 days. The average walking pace is 4 - 6km per hour, allow at least 6 days.

Can I ride the Trail as an independent traveller?

Yes, you and/or your family can be independent travellers. This is where you plan the trip for you and your family yourself. You will need to arrange bike hire, if required, through bike hire operators on the Trail and book the accommodation yourself. My advice would be to start planning as soon as you can and get your accommodation booked early. Start by deciding how far you want to cycle each day so that you can then focus on a place where you need to book accommodation. Our website has a 'Plan your Trip Guide' and some suggested itineraries you may wish to consider.

What level of fitness is required to complete the Trail?

The Trail is described as Grade 1 Novice cyclists, families and others seeking an easy cycling experience.  If you or some of your group have not been on a bike for some time it would be a good idea to take a few weeks to get bike fit before you complete the Trail. The more accustomed you are to a bike seat the more you will enjoy the trip.

Where there are slopes on the trail they are gradual and there are no sudden dips or tight bends. The Trail is a compacted gravel pathway although in some short sections you may experience some loose stones. The Trail is wide enough for cyclists to ride side by side if they wish or to pass each other comfortably. People of all ages have completed and enjoyed this Trail.