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  • Who does the trail?

    Who does the trail?

    Is the Otago Central Rail Trail really “your thing?” Ask anyone on the...Read More

  • Trip Planning Guide

    Trip Planning Guide

    Use our guide to help plan your trip... OCRT Planning Guide .....Read More

  • Fitness


    You don’t have to be into extreme sports – but, (as with any activity)...Read More

  • Gear


    What gear do you really need? Everyone you meet will be on an outdoor ...Read More

  • Distance/Travel time

    Distance/Travel time

      The 152 km trail runs in an arc through the valleys between Middlem...Read More

  • Trail etiquette

    Trail etiquette

    Some Tips for a wonderful Rail Trail experience… • Accommodation: Boo...Read More

Holiday Types

  • Budget Trips

    Budget Trips

    The Trail itself is free – and you can also organise your trip so that...Read More

  • Deluxe Trips

    Deluxe Trips

    If you want to spoil yourself, or celebrate a special occasion with a ...Read More

  • Family-Friendly trips

    Family-Friendly trips

    Otago Central Rail Trail is a great opportunity for family-friendly ho...Read More

  • Winter Holidays

    Winter Holidays

    Any time of year, including winter, there’s loads to see and do along ...Read More

  • Special Occasion

    Special Occasion

    Doing the Trail can be a unique way to celebrate a special occasion or...Read More

  • Walking the Trail

    Walking the Trail

    If you just enjoy walking and are reasonably fit, you may want to cons...Read More

Popular Itineraries

Which way to go? Where to start/stop/stay? How long will it take you? You choose. You can decide if you want to cycle the whole trail – or select a part of the Trail. Decide what you would like to see and do, and the distances you want to travel. You can arrange your own trip – or there are helpful independent Trail operators who can organise a trip that will suit you.

This season on the trail is gearing up to be our busiest season yet, make sure you book your accommodation as soon as you can.

  • Five Days or more

    Five Days or more

    A 5-Day (or more) trip (2.5 - 3 hours cycling per day) allows you even...Read More

  • Four Day Trips

    Four Day Trips

    A 4-day trip allows you to travel at a more relaxed pace, and to spend...Read More

  • Three Day Trips

    Three Day Trips

    Most people who bike the whole length of the 152 km Trail allow themse...Read More

  • Two Day Trips

    Two Day Trips

    Experienced cyclists who are more used to extreme gut-busting mountain...Read More

  • One Day Trips

    One Day Trips

    Even one day is enough to get a taste of the Rail Trail and experience...Read More

  • Half Day Trips

    Half Day Trips

    Arrange your own transport to these popular sections – or most Trail o...Read More