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219 e-bike are based in Alexandra, great biking country in the heart of Central Otago. e-Bikes are the perfect way to explore the many rides and trails in our beautiful part of New Zealand.

Our e-bikes will seem to:

  • Flatten the hills
  • Take away the wind
  • Make you super fit

Our e-bikes will:

  • Make it possible for all your family or group, with all different fitness levels to enjoy the trails.
  • Allow you to look around and enjoy the trail, not all the time head down peddling.

219 e-bike really are about making sure you are enjoying yourself!
If the weather turns bad we will move you on in our van if you wish.

Using the spreadsheet is a great way to demonstrate how the price quickly drops as you add more days and/or bikes required,

For example it would be better for two couples to order together 4 bikes rather than 2 lots of 2 bikes and sort out the single payment themselves.

Have a play. Change the number of Days or Bikes and see the costs change.

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Your Hosts: Colin Faulkner
Address: 219 Manuherikia Road, Alexandra, 9393, Central Otago

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