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Make it EASY - let the professionals at Cycle Surgery do the work so all you need to do is turn up and ENJOY the ride!

Cycle Surgery offer easy and convenient Luggage Transfers.  Have your luggage transferred each day from accommodation to accommodation so you don't have to carry everything on your bike.  Alternatively you can have luggage transferred from one end of the trail to the other and stored until your arrival

Luggage Transfers

$12.50 per bag per transfer - 15kg maximum weight limit per bag.  Book on-line

Cycle Surgery Shuttle Services

Cycle Surgery provide a reliable and comfortable shuttle service between Queenstown and Clyde, Clyde to Middlemarch and return and from Middlemarch Dunedin.

Clyde to Middlemarch: Departs from Clyde at 9.30am and arrives in Middlemarch at approximately 12.00pm

Middlemarch to Clyde: Departs from Middlemarch at 1.30pm and arrives in Clyde at approximately 4.00pm

Queenstown to Clyde: Departs from Queenstown at 8.00am and arrives in Clyde at 9.30am and departs from Queenstown at 2.00pm and arrives in Clyde at 3.30pm.

Clyde to Queenstown:  Departs from Clyde at 12.00pm and arrives in Queenstown at 1.30pm and departs from Clyde at 4.00pm and arrives in Queenstown at 5.30pm

Middlemarch to Dunedin:  Departs from Middlemarch at 2.00pm and arrives in Dunedin at 3.00pm.

Dunedin to Middlemarch:  Departs from Dunedin at 3.30pm and arrives in Middlemarch at 4.30pm.

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From $10.00 NZD

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