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  • The Miners Cottage (self-contained)

    The Miners Cottage (self-contained)

    Only a few pedal turns from the Tiroiti Station site,which is just 6 ....Read More

The landscape constantly changes between Tiroiti and Hyde – just what every model railway enthusiast dreams about (only there are no chuffing trains). 

A red gangers’ shed tells you that you have reached Tiroiti. The rail bridge (Cap Burn Bridge) is uniquely in an original condition. The Trail also meets the road here, with a carpark for non-cyclists who would like a short walk to see the next engineering masterpieces, Prices Creek Viaduct and Prices Creek Tunnel – the whole tunnel is lined with thousands of bricks. A stile near the tunnel leads to a short, steep track down to the river, where Chinese miners cut a tunnel through the rock to divert the river and uncover gold (a few nuggets had been planted by other diggers as a mean trick). Pass the white clay cliffs and you are at Hyde.

Don’t forget to appreciate the handiwork of the countless hard-working men who hacked out cuttings, filled in culverts, blasted tunnels, chiseled stone for bridge abutments – all to level the track for the train - and now cyclists.