Trail Places


The “Village of Trees” – a quiet picturesque little valley at the foot of the Dunstan Mountains, this was once home to Welsh gold miners in the 1860s.

 Cambrians (the Latin name for Wales) is only a few kilometres south of St. Bathans on the Loop Road, so it is easy to link a visit to both.  Coal was once mined here, but sluice mining for gold has left its mark on the hills.  The Protestant Welsh miners clashed with their Irish Catholic counterparts at St. Bathans, their rivalry known as the War of the Roses. The old wooden school (1873) is still here, where you can experience a schoolroom from long ago.

 The locals love their old mud-brick cottages (assisted by a dry climate) and they have added to the ambience of the place with art and sculptures. A rest area has been developed at Cambrians Common Forest. There are trees as far as you can see, including California redwoods that will be here for many years to come, snowdrops and bluebells in spring, crocuses in autumn… you won’t want to leave...until you experience a winter here.