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    Clampetts Cottage Accommodation

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Becks is a small country community on S/H 85 north from Lauder, with a great view of the Hawkdun Ranges.

It is centred round the two White Horse Hotels, which are exactly halfway between the equator and the South Pole.
This was one of the many Cobb and Co stagecoach stops in early days – roads were rough and horses needed a rest every 5 miles. The first White Horse Hotel was built in 1864 and is the oldest registered with the NZ Historic Places Trust. The locals are in the process of restoring it slowly to become a “living museum.” The “younger” hotel was built across the road in 1925, it is still operating, and runs free pick-ups to the Rail Trail at Lauder – a great way to meet the locals. The remains of the blacksmith’s old smithy are just along the road from the hotel. An old church has been shifted to be a feature at Lauderdale, and is a beautiful site for weddings.
Turn off the Loop Road at Becks to get to Cambrians and St Bathans, it’s only 21 kms.