Trail Places

Auripo / Thurlow Road

The old station site of Auripo is an ideal drop-off point for anyone wanting to cycle or walk the 10.5 km through the Poolburn Gorge and down to Lauder.

There is a small information board and a passport box – and a seat made from railway sleepers and rails, where you can sit and enjoy the view down the Ida Valley. 

The Poolburn and Ida Burn creeks meet near Auripo. The Ida Valley is unique, in that water flows in from both ends of the valley, and exits from the middle, under the Poolburn Viaduct.

The Thurlow Road carpark (accessed from Ida Valley main road, via Thurlow Road) is a half km closer to the Poolburn Gorge, and it is the most popular starting point for short trips through the Gorge, as it is all down hill. Sit and have a breather by the topographical map and enjoy the view down the Ida Valley to the Hawkdun Mts.