Trail Geology

Follow the links to amazing Geology and Landforms along and in the vincinity of the  Otago Central Rail Trail.

Information provided courtesy of the Department of Geology, Otago University.

  • Taieri River

    Taieri River

    The Taieri River drains only the eastern Otago uplands, and follows an...Read More

  • Salts in Central Otago

    Salts in Central Otago

    Evaporative salts in central Otago -  The combination of high temperat...Read More

  • Gold


    Alexandra -  The most prominent feature of the faulted zone in the Rag...Read More

  • Eocene Quartz Gravels

    Eocene Quartz Gravels

    On a regional scale, the gold-bearing gravels occur close to the Waipo...Read More

  • River Sediments

    River Sediments

    Fluvial (river) sediments immediately beneath the Waipounamu Erosion S...Read More

  • Alluvial gold recycling

    Alluvial gold recycling

    Gold from both Eocene and Miocene gravels has been recycled by erosion...Read More

  • Waipounamu Erosion Surface

    Waipounamu Erosion Surface

    The Waipounamu Erosion Surface is now visible in the topography of Eas...Read More

  • River drainage redirection

    River drainage redirection

    The intersection of NW- and NE-trending active structures along the Ha...Read More

  • St Bathans - Blue Lake

    St Bathans - Blue Lake

    Pennyweight Hill - Alluvial gold along the northeast Otago margin, Mio...Read More