Sports and Outdoors


There are a lot of “outdoor types” in the Maniototo and hunting is a popular activity here.
You can go after game birds, or there are wild pigs, goats, tahr and deer up in the hills.
Hunting guides with local expertise are available, or you can organise your own trip and 4WD. Check with DOC for information/permits, if you intend to hunt in the huge Oteake Conservation Park. And, of course, if you want to hunt on private property you must get the landowner's consent.

Every Easter the Alexandra Lions Club organise the Great Easter Bunny Hunt, a way of fund raising for charity, as well as helping to cull the biggest pest in Central. And in Becks, the Becks Kids Hunting Group have started their own autumn competition, with a prize for the “heaviest bag”- of goat, possum, rabbit, hare or magpie.
The first weekend in May is another important day, the start of duck-shooting season, when talk turns to “maimais” and decoys.

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