Historic Sites

Chatto Creek Post Office

The men have their pub and the women have their post office.

The tiny post office was once a large part of the lives of those that lived in the Chatter Creek District.  People in the area came for their mail and the odd message - "otherwise their mail would be thrown off at their gate and they would never have met each other", the words of Miss Kinney, Post Mistress from 1935 for 32 years.

Open 5 days a week from 10am to 5:30 pm, the post office served 10 householders their mail, and the whole district as a meeting place when they came for their everyday requirements in the grocery or stationery line.  Primarily a post office, Miss Kinney's predecessor started to stock tobacco and odd items of groceries back in the days when there were few cars and people came to put cream and other goods on the rail nearby.  

Address: Chatto Creek,