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So, who needs wheels

'So, who needs wheels?' by Heather Kinsey

The Otago Central Rail Trail walkers 'must-have' book

Buy the book and help the ongoing enhancement of the Otago Central Rail Trail experience. A $2 donation from every sale goes to the Otago Central Rail Trail Trust

At only 22 pages, the book fits nicely into pocket or backpack. It tells walkers, how long to allow for each section of the walk, what walkers will see and the essentials they need to take.

While popular with cyclists, as an interesting walking trail the Otago Central Rail Trail has its own challenges and rewards. As author, Heather Kinsey points out in her book's introduction, walking means...

  • You’ll have more time to enjoy the Central Otago scenery
  • No sore bits from spending several hours a day in the saddle
  • You’ll be less affected by the high winds that can sometimes hit the Otago Central Rail Trail
  • No worries about mechanical failures
  • You’ll be closer to nature
  • You’ll meet more people than if you cycled the Otago Central Rail Trail, because more people will overtake you
  • It’ll give you a chance to switch off from the world for 7 to 10 days and rediscover the beautiful Otago countryside.

Recommending walkers should spend seven to 10 days on the trail; Heather's book is set out in seven 'one day' segments where she writes about what to expect and based on a comfortable average walking speed of around 4 to 5 kph, how long each segment will take.

And here's one for the books, having cycled the trail twice, Heather confesses to prefer walking it, saying that next time she will be walking in a different direction to get a new scenery perspective.

About the author: Originally from England Heather immigrated to New Zealand in 1997 and moved to Lauder (on the Otago Central Rail Trail) in 2001. Until June 2009, Heather was Corporate Services Manager at the Central Otago District Council. Estelle Hunt, Bald Hills Vineyard Marketing Manager, took the photographs in the book.

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