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NIWA - Atmospheric Research Station in Lauder                     

Situated 35 kilometres from Alexandra on SH 85, Lauder was once a thriving village servicing the main rail connection between Dunedin and Central Otago. But when the last railcar passed through in 1976, the village – like many others in New Zealand – fell into decline. Although it has seen some resurgence in recent years with the increasing popularity of the Otago Central Rail Trail, many New Zealanders are unaware of Lauder’s existence .

Despite its isolation, our research centre is well known throughout the international world of atmospheric research. Indeed Lauder’s isolation, along with its clear skies, is what led the former government Department of Scientific and Industrial Research to set up a research laboratory in Lauder.

Group visits to NIWA Lauder are welcome by appointment. 


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Address: State Highway 85, Rapid Number 3513, Lauder,

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