Rail Trail Duathlon & Mountain Bike Races

Multi Day Duathlon

The original race on NZ’s original great ride is a perfect event for teams or individuals. Day 1 starts in Clyde and finishes in Ranfurly, and Day 2 commences in Ranfurly and concludes in Middlemarch.

Day 1 For Multi Day, 25th Feb 2017

Stage 1: Run 7km from Clyde to Alexandra

Stage 2: Cycle 37km from Alexandra to Lauder

Stage 3: Run 11km from Lauder to Auripo

Stage 4: Cycle 37km from Auripo to Ranfurly


Day 2 For Multi Day, 26th Feb 2017

Stage 5: Run 8km Ranfurly to Waipiata

Stage 6: Cycle 25km Waipiata to Hyde Station

Stage 7:  Cycle 17km Hyde Station – Moynihans Lane

Stage 8: Run 9km Moynihans Lane – Middlemarch



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