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No Pulse Team

Meet the ‘No Pulse Team’ entered by Pulse Fitness - Alexandra for the Rail Trail Duathlon. We are going to follow their weekly training from now until the Duathlon on the 25th & 26th of Feb 2017. 


Pippa Wellstead (team member on left)

"Hi, I'm Pippa Wellstead and I work at Trail Journeys in Clyde.  I have entered to compete in the Rail Trail Duathlon in a team of 2 with a friend, Fiona King. I will be running the 4 legs and Fi will be cycling. Our team name is “No Pulse”.  This is a first time for me and I must say I am a little daunted by what I have let myself in for.  I am not a runner but had it in my head that I wanted to complete a half marathon before I turned 50, and over a few wines last summer, committed to taking part in the Queenstown Half Marathon. I did it and hated it but loved the feeling of setting the challenge and getting to the finish line. Had I not have committed to entering, I would still be saying now.. I wish I could do that.

I am not a sporty person and have never really been good at sport of any kind. Weight has always been an issue for me and since discovering group fitness and running I am in a much better place. I have found that although I will not win a race I am able to push myself and stick with it, having an attitude of not quitting. 

The Rail Trail Duathlon for me is about  having a goal and getting to Middlemarch whilst having a laugh along the way. I don’t expect to break any records other than my personal one of starting and finishing something!"


Fiona King (team member in blue t-shirt on right)

"Hi, I'm Fiona and this will be my third time I have done the Otago Central Rail Trail Duathlon. In the past I have done it as a team of four and done one running stage on each day. This  time I will be doing it in a team of two and doing all the biking stages on both days.  I am joining up with Pippa Wellstead as Team "No Pulse".  I would not describe myself as a runner or a cyclist but do a bit of both these days for fitness and enjoyment (sometimes its fun!) In a past life I have played netball and rugby competitively and nowdays still dabble in a bit of netball and basketball for fun and social interaction!

I work as a physiotherapist part-time at Alexandra Physiotherapy and Fitness Centre as well as being a Mum to 3 children.  I have entered the Duathlon mainly for fun but also for a challenge and to have a goal for the next few weeks to try to keep up the training levels. Pippa and I are in it to participate and my only expectation is to have a fun weekend."

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