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Two Day Trips

Experienced cyclists who are more used to extreme gut-busting mountain bike tracks can still enjoy the gentler terrain of the Rail Trail. 

The fastest time taken to complete the 152 km Trail is now under six hours – but, no pressure! Add some interest to your fitness /endurance training regime with a 2-day jaunt on the Trail. You will need to be a fit and experienced biker.

Hop off the saddle for an overnight stop at Lauder, Oturehua, or perhaps Wedderburn.

Option 1

Day 1: Clyde to Lauder is 44 km

You could add to the adventure by adding a short loop around Ophir, or explore as far as St Bathans and Cambrian at the end of your first day.

Day 2: Lauder to Middlemarch is 108 km

You will be travelling through the spectacular Poolburn Gorge and the equally scenic Upper Taieri Gorge.

Option 2

Day 1: Clyde to Oturehua is 66.5 km

You could have more time to explore Oturehua - Hayes Engineering, Gilchrist's Store, the Golden Progress Mine, the pub...

Day 2: Oturehua to Middlemarch is 85.5 km

 Take a break by the river just past Daisybank, stop for a coffee at Hyde.

Option 3

Day 1: Clyde to Wedderburn is 78.5 km

Day 2: Wedderburn to Middlemarch is 73.5 km

If you are still feeling energetic, you could divert off-trail to the historic Naseby village at the start of the day - the rest of the Trail is mostly downhill.