Distance/Travel time


The 152 km trail runs in an arc through the valleys between Middlemarch and Clyde; you can traverse it in either direction, or just do part of the trail.     

 You can leave the “starting gates” at Middlemarch, 400 m north of the railway station, while the Clyde terminal (shelter and toilets) is at the corner of Springvale Road and the main highway (next to Trail Journeys). Trailside numbered markers can help you measure your progress in kilometres. You will not be starting at “zero,” as these concrete markers include the original distance of the branch railway line from Wingatui, (south of Dunedin) to Middlemarch – the section still serviced by the Taieri Gorge train – so you will start or end your trip at the 64 km mark at Middlemarch, while the Clyde marker is 215 km.

With road transport support you can join the trail at various places (where there is road access and car parking, etc.) In this way you can choose the best half-day or one-day trip, or simply take advantage of the wind direction… or plan a mostly downhill trip either way from Wedderburn (the highest point).


The following distances will give you an idea of the length of a section – you can estimate the time each will take (average cyclist speed is 10 kph, walking speed is 4-6 kph) but actual times will vary, depending on wind, slopes, rest breaks, etc.)

Cycling Time / Distance in km on the Trail in sections

Clyde Railhead to Alexandra       8   km         cycle time – 1 hour

Alexandra to Chatto Creek          17 km                              1hr 45

Chatto Creek to Omakau            12  km                              1hr 30

Omakau to Lauder                        7  km                                   .45   

Lauder to Auripo                     10.5  km                               1hr

Auripo to Oturehua                    12   km                              1hr

Oturehua to Wedderburn           12   km                               1hr 15

Wedderburn to Ranfurly          13.5  km                               1hr 30

Ranfurly to Kokonga                  18  km                               2 hr

Kokonga to Hyde                     14.5 km                               1hr 30

Hyde to Rock and Pillar            14   km                               1hr 30

Rock and Pillar                         13.5 km                               1hr 15

Road distances – to key points with vehicle access to the Trail - for those who want to meet/drop off/pick up cyclists -

Queenstown to Clyde -  83 km

Dunedin to Clyde - 199 km

Clyde to Middlemarch - 151 km

Clyde to Alexandra - 9 km

Alexandra to Omakau - 27 km

Omakau to Lauder - 7 km

Lauder to Thurlow Road  - 27 km

Thurlow Road to Oturehua - 19 km

Oturehua to Wedderburn - 11 km

Wedderburn to Ranfurly - 14 km

Ranfurly to Kokonga - 22 km

Kokonga to Hyde - 13 km

Hyde to Rock and Pillar - 13.8 km

Rock and Pillar to Middlemarch - 14.3 km

Middlemarch to Dunedin - 80 km


Popular Side Trips…

If time allows, you may want to plan a side trip to other attractions in the district – car transport would be of help for more distant sites.

* Naseby is 14 km from Ranfurly by road, 11 km from the Trail

* St Bathans, an old gold mining village (46 km return from Omakau)

* Ophir (historic village) is 5.5 km return from Omakau

* Hamiltons historic cemetery is 18 km return from Waipiata

* Sutton Salt Lake is 23 km return from Middlemarch

* The list of “must-visits” is long –  Mitchells stone cottage at Fruitlands, or Matakanui, or Graveyard Gully… the friendly people at the Visitor Centres in Alexandra and Ranfurly will have even more ideas for you.