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2017 OCRT Stakeholder Workshop Info

The Stakeholders of the Otago Central Rail Trail and anyone interested in keeping our Central Otago cycle trails "Great" were invited to attend a workshop held in Alexandra on the Thursday, 26th of October 2017.  Various Stakeholders including community groups were invited to present their activities and plans to show how they are contributing to keeping the trail "Great".

A copy of the program is here: Otago Central Rail Trail Stakeholder Workshop 26 Oct 2017

Some of the presentations that were provided can be view and downloaded below:

  1. NZ Cycle Trail Presentation - CEO, Janet Purdey and Craig Wilson
  2. Otago Central Rail Trail Trust - Chair, Kate Wilson
  3. Tourism Central Otago - Digital & Social Media Marketing, Antz Longman
  4. Naseby Vision - Co-ordinator, Marion Johnson
  5. Lauder Beautification Society - Members Esme MacDonald & Pam Harrex


There were two activities during the requiring participant views about the following: 

  1. Participant perceptions about which Stakeholder(s) is mostly responsible for each trail activity, and
  2. Identifying the opportunities and challenges to keeping the Otago Central Rail Trail a “Great Visitor Experience”.

The results to these activities can be viewed and downloaded here: Participant Feedback about responsibilities, opportunities and challenges.


Next Steps:

Outlined below are the proposed next steps:

 1. Update Opportunities and Challenges

The feedback collected from the workshop will be updated with any additional comments by those who did not attend the workshop.  Comments should be received by the Trust Manager by 30 November 2017.


2. Follow up workshop planned May/June 2018

A follow-up workshop is proposed to help prioritise and establish an action plan for implementation following the peak period on the Otago Central Rail Trail in May/June 2018.


3. 26 October 2017 Otago Central Rail Trail Workshop Survey

If you haven’t already done so, and you attended the workshop, please complete the survey to help us determine its effectiveness and ways to improve it by 15 Nov 2017.  

26 October 2017 Otago Central Rail Trail Workshop Survey