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shebikehebikes – Clyde, Omakau & Middlemarch

“Our rationale for getting behind this effort:

The whole concept has arisen out of the collaborative efforts that saw the establishment of the stake holder governance group and then the marketing group. So the initiative has grown from a process that we’ve all had an opportunity to be part of and to contribute to.

The Brand Partnership concept creates a vehicle that we can all get behind to progress the cause of the Otago Central Rail Trail in the national & international marketplace.

The website has been totally rebuilt, is mobile friendly, and provides users with the ability to update their own listing

The OCRTT targets multiple avenues of promotion by actively maintaining a social media presence and distributing for international customers.

Recently we’ve seen Art On The Trail roll out, another way to raise awareness of local artists and the OCRT at the same time

Our own web traffic analysis using google analytics shows that they’re the top referrer to our shebikeshebikes and Omakau Bedpost websites by a very significant margin (ie orders of magnitude). 

The site is targeted solely at the Otago Central Rail Trail as compared to most of the other options

Compared to many other advertising avenues it’s very competitive.”

Steve Goodlass -Bike Guy at shebikeshebikes

Ancient Briton Hotel - Naseby

For a small town hotel the rail trail offers a much needed revenue stream. Located 15kms off trail adds an additional barrier which is hard to overcome unless you are seen to be associated with the trail itself. By investing in an Otago Central Rail Trail marketing package we are seen as a part of the big picture and are building a much needed association with the trail. To undertake and build the reach and frequency offered by the marketing groups focus nationally and internationally would be cost prohibitive and crippling for a business our size. The icing on the cake is that we have seen an increase in the number of guests booking extended stays and including activities such as curling, four wheel drive tours or renting a car for self-drive sightseeing.  All of this helps build the “Central Otago experience” and increases revenue for the region. We strongly endorse any association at any level with the Rail Trail Marketing collective.

Adrian Hood & Jan Rutherford - Proprietor 


Tussock Lodge, Waipiata Motel & Waipiata Country Hotel, Waipiata

In 2014 we decided to support the Marketing Group and the work that it was setting out to do and become Silver Sponsors, this year we have noticed a huge increase in the number of Australians staying with us, at this date 50% compared to 20% at the same stage the previous year, this has shown us that our confidence in the Marketing group was well placed. 


In the past three years 30% of our bookings for the upcoming year have been received in the May/ June / July, this has proven to us that people are looking to book there holiday very early, it is very important that the Otago Central Rail Trail is in the forefront of everyone's minds at all times of the year, we don't have the time or resources to do this as an individual, but as a collective of businesses we have. 

Mark & Nikki Button Proprietors